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Car Accidents

Winter Tires: What you need to know

Winter tires are highly recommended for a safer winter driving experience. Due to their special make, winter tires offer increased flexibility at low temperatures, and

Car Accidents

What to do after a hit and run?

Hit and Run Accidents can be traumatic. But here is what you need to do within 90 days to preserve your rights as a hit and run victim…

Car Accidents

How dash cams prevent scams and fraud

A dash cam is a tiny camera, mounted on your vehicle’s dash or windshield. It records everything that goes on on the road and stores it on a memory card for later review. Dash cams are especially useful in car accident situations. A dash cam can provide valuable evidence helping determine the at fault party in a vehicle collision or accident.

Car Accidents

Dealing with accident related trauma

In a split second, a severe car accident could turn your world upside down, And then trauma sets in. Here are a few quick tips of getting your old life back

Car Accidents

Speed, main cause for car accidents

Research shows that aggressive driving has injured over 27,000 people a year in Alberta. 20% of those were caused by speed and aggressive highway driving.

Car Accidents

Watch out for the Insurance Adjuster

he other party’s insurance company will often employ the use of an “insurance adjuster” in order get you to admit fault or part fault. Should they be successful, your claim might be denied or greatly reduced.

Community Involvement

Volunteering: Helping the Edmonton Food Bank

We closed our office early this Wednesday Afternoon, in order to help the Edmonton Food bank with preparing food hampers for Edmonton’s needy. We had a great time and we intend to make this a regular event.

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