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Updates to Prescribed Automobile Insurance Accident Benefit and Minor Injury Forms

The Superintendent recently approved changes to all prescribed Accident Benefit (AB) and Minor Injury (MI) forms applicable to Alberta automobile insurance Accident Benefits (including DTPR) claims and Certified Examinations.  To review the applicable Bulletin, which provides information about forms, changes and timing, please see 01-2017 – Bulletin – Updates to Prescribed Automobile Insurance Accident Benefit… Continue Reading

When insurance companies act in bad faith: Punitive damages

The duty of insurance companies should be one of UTMOST good faith or “uberrima fides”. In Alberta, insurance companies sometimes employ bad faith tactics in order to delay or avoid paying claimants for their insurance claims. There are a number of different practices that insurance companies may use in bad faith in order to try to deny valid insurance claims. If an insurance company has acted in bad faith, a claimant may sue the company. Continue Reading

What do safety ratings mean

What are safety ratings? Safety ratings are scores assigned to different vehicles based on their performance on a series of safety tests. In particular, safety ratings provide consumers with information on crash avoidance and safety features of different vehicles. Several independent organizations across the world conduct vehicle testing and research to determine such ratings, as… Continue Reading

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