Heart of the Summit with Leo Namen

When mountaineer Leo Namen suffered a heart attack in 2018 after an expedition, he believed his days of climbing peaks were over.

However, over the next few years, Leo was determined to work through his health challenges and get back to what he loved doing the most – while also raising awareness for other heart attack survivors.

Making an amazing recovery, Leo decided that in 2022, he would summit the 7 highest peaks in the world, starting with Mt. Everest, all while raising money for the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

This would make Leo the first Canadian heart attack survivor to take on this feat, breaking world records.  

Leo visited us here at Assiff Law Office, and we are so proud to share his story with you all. Leo is one of the many inspiring forces we here at ALO seek to sponsor and support.

To learn more about Leo and his team, please go to his website: https://heartofthesummit.ca/.

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