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Our Accident Attorneys fight for your rights after a car accident.

Our award winning personal injury lawyers have over 20 years experience and will deal with the insurance company from day one, letting them know that you mean to seek proper compensation for your injuries as well as other compensations you may be entitled to. 

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Edmonton Alberta Car Accidents & Info

A car crash is a traumatic experience. It’s difficult to tell what to do after a car accident, especially if you or a loved one has been injured. However, by understanding the Alberta laws and evidence you will need, you can cast a clearer light on what happened, identify who’s at fault and strengthen your case.

Car Accident

Types of Auto Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents can occur for many reasons, but will often result in severe injuries or even death. Sometimes it’s obvious who’s at fault. Other times, it takes a full investigation if a driver was impaired, distracted or just negligent. 

We handle a wide range of auto accidents in Alberta

If you or a loved one have been injured as a result of one of the following motor vehicle accidents, please do not hesitate to contact us

Common Alberta Car Accident Injuries

The nature and severity of your vehicle accident injuries ultimately determine your claim’s value. It is crucial to seek immediate help and document any injuries and record any expenses that are related to your accident and your injuries.

Here are some of the most common injuries we see after auto collisions:

Compensation for Damages & Losses in Car Accident Cases

When you have been injured and someone else is at fault, you have the right to pursue compensation. Your final settlement needs to consider all the ways you have been affected by your accident, including both material and non-material damages.

Material Damages

Non-Material Damages

Negligence, Fault & Liability

Most car accidents are based on negligence: The other party acted unreasonably or failed to act, and as a result, caused you injury or harm.

Car Accident Evidence and Documentation

It may seem obvious to you who’s at fault in your car accident. However you must still be able to prove that the other party was acting unreasonably in order to have a successful claim.

The burden of proof in a personal injury case is based on the evidence that we are able to submit on your behalf. This evidence needs to show that the other party is more likely to have caused your injuries. Photos, Dash-Cam recordings, eyewitness testimonies and other forms of evidence can be used to prove fault.

Liability & Fault in an Alberta Car Accident

Injuries alone are not enough to prove liability. In order to determine who is liable you need to establish the four elements of negligence:

  1. Someone must owe you the duty of care;
  2. Someone must fail to uphold this duty of care;
  3. Someone must cause you damage;
  4. This damage can be expressed or requires monetary compensation.

Alberta is an at-fault state for liability in a car accident. In most cases you can file a third party claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance provider or the employer they were working for at the time. of the accident.

Unfortunately, the insurance companies will try to minimize the amount of compensation they will give you in order to recover. This is why you will need an experienced injury lawyer to represent you.

Time Limits, Insurance Company Defenses

Alberta Car Accident Statute of Limitations

Time is of the essence when you or a loved one were involved in an accident due to someone else’s negligence. In Alberta, you have two years to file for a car accident. 

Although this may seem like a very long time, the more you wait the more evidence will get lost, and it will be more difficult to recollect the particulars of the event. The longer you wait the more difficult it is to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Disputed Liability in a Car Accident

Apart from using the statute of limitations against you, the other side and their insurance company will want to protect themselves. They do this by denying your claim and using various defenses to reduce or deny your case.

  • The other party may use procedural defences based on an existing law, or claim that you failed to comply with a statutory rule;
  • Factual defenses to car accident liability usually claim that you are partially or wholly to blame for the accident;
  • The defense may also claim that you are over-stating the severity of your injuries or over-stating their impact. 

Alberta Car Accident FAQ

It is important first to seek medical attention from a medical professional. Afterwards, it is important to gather as much evidence associated with your car accident as soon as possible.

Collecting information like witness contact details and pictures of the accident and filing a police report are steps you should immediately take following a car accident.

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In many cases, insurance companies will try to offer you a settlement right away. Usually this type of early settlement dismisses most of the intricate details of a victim’s spinal cord injury. The early settlement offered by the insurance company will often not take the full medical expenses and adjusted living expenses into account, leaving you to pay for them out of pocket. 

03 Our Process

Personal Injury Process

What Should I expect?

When you call Assiff Law injury lawyers, we immediately work on recovering compensation for your injuries.

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Consult with an Edmonton Injury Lawyer

The first step is to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer near you.

Our lawyers will review the details of your situation and your understanding of events — your side of the story — so we can determine whether there is any basis for a lawsuit. Then, once you’re ready to move forward, we’ll help you develop a strategy for pursuing compensation.

If we take your case, the process may look something like this:


Gather Evidence

A thorough investigation is the foundation of every case we take on. We use police reports, medical reports, and eyewitnesses’ statements to get to the bottom of things.


Send a Demand Letter

We’ll write a demand letter to the individual responsible for the accident, and their insurance company. We consider the entire financial impact of the situation, including provisions for future medical bills, lost wages, and other related costs.


File a personal injury lawsuit

When an insurance company refuses to offer an acceptable settlement, we gain leverage by filing a lawsuit on your behalf. In addition, filing a lawsuit will provide us access to additional information from the defendants that we otherwise wouldn’t have access to.



After filing the suit, we can ask defendants for information that they might have been hesitant to provide. We can use these requests for admissions, interrogatories, and requests for production of documents to learn what evidence they have to support their claims.



Once both parties have looked at the facts of the situation, we can schedule a mediation to help resolve the dispute. This gives us the chance to present our side of the story to the defendant’s attorney, and negotiate a fair resolution.



If we’re able to reach an agreement prior to the start of the lawsuit, then we’ve reached a settlement. A settlement should take into account all past and future medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, etc., and will be paid out in one lump sum in return for you dropping the case.


Personal Injury Trial

If we are unable to settle for a fair amount, we go to trial. During the trial we present your case, employing the evidence we uncovered during discovery and present any expert testimony. 



What if the jury finds against you? If some sort of legal mistake was made by the defense team or the judge, we might choose to appeal. We would likely have to provide additional evidence and legal arguments in support of our position. If we were successful, the judge could overturn the previous ruling, or require another round of trials.

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