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Did you know that in addition to assisting hundreds of our clients annually, Assiff Law Office is also often consulted regularly by other lawyers for advice and opinions?

The beauty of the legal profession is that lawyers often help each other out and learn from one another regularly as the law evolves and nuances in the law are experienced. We also guide our clients to our colleagues who practice in other areas of the law (areas that we do not practice ) to ensure they are properly represented. We are thankful to our colleagues.

At Assiff Law Office we pride ourselves in not only assisting our own clients but also our colleagues. We do not see other firms as competition but as our friends in a quest to help all victims of negligence in Alberta. We are all in this fight together. When we win, all Albertans win.

We are very proud of the fact that we assist on average 2- 3 counsel per week or well over 100 annually with matters concerning personal injury litigation. By helping them and their clients, we are also helping our own by opening doors to access to justice, substantive law matters and other issues.

If you are looking for a consult or are a lawyer who needs to check on a matter or issue that may be new to you, there’s a good chance we have seen it before and would be happy to help. So always feel free to call us at 5875243000.

Assiff Law Offices

Assiff Law Offices

We are a Personal Injury Law Firm, located in Edmonton Alberta dedicated and committed to the practice of personal injury litigation.

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The information presented on this post is not legal advice. We encourage you to perform further research on the topics described here, and if you have any questions or would like to speak to one of our personal injury lawyers, please do not hesitate to contact us.