Speed, main cause for car accidents

Research shows that aggressive driving has injured over 27,000 people a year in Alberta. 20% of those were caused by speed and aggressive highway driving.

“The faster the speed, the greater the threat of an accident.” Strong messages are seen and heard daily, yet drivers are still ignorant when respecting the speed limit.

Research shows that over the years, aggressive driving has seriously injured over 27.000 people in Alberta every year. 20% of those deaths were caused by speed and aggressive driving on the freeway (

Why do we speed?

Researchers believe that speeding is a calculated behaviour, where the driver knows it but still ignores the danger of it. That is why the Canadian government needed to act quickly and reinforce every speed regulation. Now, police equipment not only includes a radar that detects vehicle speed, but it also includes speed cameras that hold records of every speedy licence plate number that passes by.

Speed Cameras

In Europe, speed cameras are very effective in reducing the speed on the road. A UK Department of Transport survey showed that speed accidents decreased by over 42% in 2009. There is also evidence that the speed limit was respected not only on the roads where cameras were placed but also on other roads.

Speed Cameras in Alberta

In 2009, Canada placed speed cameras in Calgary, Winnipeg and Quebec in order to determine their effectiveness.  These pilot programs indicated a decrease in speeds around the speed trap areas by 6% and an average decrease in speed-related infractions of 69%.

See for more information on this study.

The highway will always be a dangerous place, of which we should be aware, especially when speeding. Many drivers don’t realize the life-threatening behaviour they have when driving carelessly.

When driving on the road, taking heed of the posted speed limit is important. It is there for your protection.

Car Accident

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