The Assiff Law Process

The process of an injury claim can be complex and you only get one chance to advance your case; a good injury lawyer will make sure it is done right. We will advise you on your rights, and will guide you through each step of the legal process:


During your initial consultation, we will ask you questions about the accident and the injuries sustained, in order to get an overview of the case. In addition, we will explain to you the claims process, the deadlines, the costs, and will answer any questions you might have regarding the process.

We will also set you up with appropriate specialists to assist you with your recovery, as well as provide expert testimonies in trial if necessary.


Following the initial consultation, we will start our own investigation on your case. This includes, but is not limited to, obtaining witness statements, hiring private investigators to gather such statements, and accident reconstruction engineers in cases where liability, impact severity or accident details are unknown or are in dispute.

Gathering evidence

Evidence gathering follows investigation.  During this phase we will collect information, testimonies, documents, ambulance reports, hospital records, medical forms and receipts, and any other evidence that will support your claim.

We ask your treatment providers and additional experts important questions about the nature and extent of your injuries and how they relate to the accident. We ask our experts to comment about the impact of your injury on your employment, your household activities and your recreational endeavours. We leave no stone unturned in proving the full nature and extent of your injuries and guide you as best we can. This includes gathering expert opinions in various medical fields and other experts, such as accident reconstructionists/ engineers and economists in certain cases.


Some cases settle relatively quickly but some take a lot longer. A statement of claim must be filed within 2 years from the time of the accident. After that, it must be served on all defendants within a year. If the defendants or their insurers are unreasonable and/or if settlement cannot be reached, litigation continues, starting with demanding a statement of defense, and then serving a document called an affidavit of records, on the other side, and demanding one from them. This shows all documents each side has in their possession that they intend on relying on at trial.

Questioning (also called Discoveries)

After that, we will have access to a pre-court process called Questioning (formerly called discoveries) where we can cross examine the defendant under oath on the accident details, and ask for depositions and documents that the opposing party plans to use in their case.

We thoroughly prepare clients for this important process, as the other side’s lawyer will have an opportunity to question the plaintiff as well. Assiff has conducted well over 1600 of these processes in his career at the time of writing this article.

Pre-trial motions

During pre-trial motions, lawyers from both sides can request the court to take some action such as disallowing evidence, obtaining discovery that was not allowed previously, dismissing the case altogether, striking a statement of defense, ensuring the other side moves the case in a timely fashion to avoid delays, etc. Once the motions are heard in court, the case is ready to move forward to trial.


Negotiations (includes letters, phone calls, meetings, mediations, or judicial dispute resolution) generally take place at any stage during this litigation process, and before it.  If a case is not settled before trial, the fate of your claim will be decided in court.  The vast majority of cases get resolved before trial.


For many claimants, this is the most stressful part of the process. The vast majority of cases do not go to trial but if yours does, rest assured that we will be ready. We will also make sure that you are ready and all of the expert and other witnesses are ready as well. We firmly believe in the slogan: if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail. That is why our practice over the years has been to prepare thoroughly for trial well in advance of trial, not right before trial. It is like a final exam. We do not “cram”. We work hard right from the outset and prepare every case with the possibility that it will one day go to trial, even though it very often does not.

We also believe that our success not only depends on our skill and experience but on our work ethic and ability to outwork opposing counsel. We do our best in court but also do our best to ensure insofar as possible that we outwork our often-formidable opponents. That formula has resulted in an excellent success rate in court and at trial.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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Rhianne Burd
Rhianne Burd
20:27 30 Apr 18
Norm and his staff have been extremely helpful for both my cases. Very friendly, knowledgeable and answered all my questions every time I've ever called. If I ever need to use a legal service again I will definitely be coming back to Assiff Law. THANK YOU NORM AND STAFF!read more
Yssa Barakat
Yssa Barakat
22:01 24 Apr 18
I am so impressed with the Assiff Law Team here in Edmonton. They have been nothing but a great support, friendly, communicators and so much more. They made my process efficient and effortless. I am very blessed to be their client!What an incredible team I highly recommend. Thank you Assiff Law!!read more
Malyssia Barakat
Malyssia Barakat
21:55 24 Apr 18
I wanted to share my thanks to the Norm Assif Law Office. Norm and his staff are incredible. Throughout my experience I had great help from Norm, Stephanie, Brittney and Aileen! They made this process for me easier than I ever could of imagined. I felt comfortable when I did my questioning, when I had any questions to ask I would receive immediate response and it was an overall friendly and straight forward experience. This group knows what they're doing, and I respect their knowledge and skills. I trust that anyone who is looking for a lawyer, or need any assistance legally should look into meeting with Norm and his wonderful staff. BIG THANKS to you all for making this experience simple and fast for more
Tanvir Ahmed
Tanvir Ahmed
19:51 22 Mar 18
They entire team of Assiff law Office is really fantastic. Norm Assiff is a fabulous lawyer. He stood for me and fought for my rights. Norm Assiff and the team knows ins and out of the motor vehicle injury cases. They offer a free consultation. I went for that and Norm himself listened to my case and explained how insurance companies was depriving me. He helped me to understand the accident law, ramifications and what I truly deserved according to the law. What he said was 100% true. I was dealing my case with insurance companies directly for one year and what insurance company did with me was just an eyewash. Norm Assiff stood for me and fought for my rights against the insurance companies. He helped me to get what I deserved.The office staffs were amazing. They were well organized, helpful and perfect in their due diligence. They informed me about the the progress of my case regularly. Whenever it was needed I could reach them without any prior appointment.I am really really happy , actually more than happy with them. I was looking for more starts, as 5 stars are not enough to rate their more
Emily Drake
Emily Drake
17:27 21 Mar 18
I never do google reviews but this time i did. They all are Helpful, Respectful and Considerate. Wonderful and polite staff. I can honestly say that my lawyer has been very reliable and extremely helpful. Always gets back to me and takes cases seriously. He has succeeded all my expectations in what i look for in a lawyer. I shopped around for a lawyer for a while before I found Norm. I will be recommending this place to family and friends. Seriously the best place!!read more
Cosmetic Manager SDM397
Cosmetic Manager SDM397
02:40 03 Apr 17
I am lost for words when the name Assif Law comes to mind! Norm is God sent, my car accident took place 3 years ago, and it's been a battle since then. through it all, Norm has been awesome , always following up, and informing me of any issues or changes in regards to my claim. I thank you for everything sylviaread more
Nahida Shaikh
Nahida Shaikh
04:47 09 Mar 17
I want to express my deepest appreciation for the expert advice that was given to me and my family. I feel grateful to you for taking out time to answer the many questions I had. I really value the knowledge and insight you have and I thank you sincerely for that Norm Assiff (and team- Assiff Law Office) you guys are the best!!! I would recommend you to all my family and friends!!!read more
Vəhid Zahed
Vəhid Zahed
21:07 28 Feb 17
Very professional service. My experience with Norm and his team was excellent. They are always on time and take care of the case.
Jihad Al-Sahili
Jihad Al-Sahili
19:51 23 Feb 17
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Sean Chai
Sean Chai
20:57 19 Dec 16
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