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Exploring the Depths of Legal Issues in Personal Injury Law

The Legal Resources category delves into the complexities of legal issues surrounding personal injury law. It’s a rich source of information on laws, legislation, and important precedents. This section is a treasure trove of detailed articles and analyses, offering a deeper understanding of the legal intricacies that govern personal injury cases.

A Closer Look at Armbruster v. Nutting

Legal Lessons from Alberta – A Case Study in Personal Injury Claims and Evidence Credibility
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Some hope from BC Courts

In a recent BC decision against the Attorney General, the court struck down an attempt by the BC government to limit expert witness evidence at trial.
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New Property Damage System as of January 1

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Personal Injury Litigation Advice

Are you a legal professional looking for advice on a personal injury matter? We can help.
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Bill 41 received a royal assent, to the delight of insurance companies

Bill 41: The Enhancing Driver Affordability and Care Act received royal assent late last year quickly without debate, to the delight of insurance companies.
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Bill 41- Insurance Amendment Act, 2020

“Bill 41” was passed by the Alberta Government and made significant amendments to legislation that will affect personal injury matters. The Government plans to make additional changes to the insurance scheme in the future which will strip Albertans of their right to sue.
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Often Forgotten Heads Of Damages – Part 2: Diminished Value/Accelerated Depreciation

“Diminished value”, or “accelerated depreciation” is a real head of damages that can be pursued.
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Often Forgotten Heads Of Damages – Part 1: Loss Of Consortium And Servitiem

Clients should not be shy to mention the impact on their marriage following a serious collision.
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How personal injury settlements affect AISH eligibility

The Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) program is intended to give severely disabled Albertans, who are incapable of earning a livelihood, a minimum amount of income for living expenses. The following article outlines how a personal injury settlement can affect the eligibility for AISH.
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Section B No Fault Benefits in Alberta

In an automobile accident involving personal injuries, a claimant, even one who is at fault in a collision, is potentially entitled to section B disability and medical benefits.
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Time to Turn the Tide: A Case for Injured Plaintiffs

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Updates to Prescribed Automobile Insurance Accident Benefits and Minor Injury Forms

The Superintendent recently approved changes to all prescribed Accident Benefit (AB) and Minor Injury (MI) forms applicable to Alberta automobile insurance Accident Benefits (including DTPR) claims and Certified Examinations.
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