Child Speaking

Every Child has a Story. Let’s Listen to it.

This year for Give 30, I decided to donate to the Zebra Child Protection Centre. This Edmonton-based organization supports children who have experienced abuse. Child abuse includes emotional abuse, neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse and online exploitation.

The Zebra Centre provides:

  • Child Advocacy;
  • Forensic Interviews (recorded conversations where the child can tell their story in a safe environment);
  • Trauma referral program (connecting children to trusted counselling and trauma support professionals in the community);
  • Dogs to provide comfort to the children;
  • Backpack Home Program (allowing children to leave their abuser with appropriate clothing and personal items);
  • Crisis response;
  • Court preparation and court accompaniment.

You can help too!

In 2008, there were 14,403 substantiated cases of child abuse in Alberta. 36% of adults in Alberta have experienced some form of child abuse in their youth. Last year in 2018, the Centre has supported 2,098 kids, an average of 152 per month.

You can help the Zebra Child Protection Centre by:

  • Volunteering: party planners, administrative volunteers, researchers, child advocates… By giving your time, you will advocate for the rights of children and youth in our community.
  • Hosting a fundraiser;
  • Purchasing at the centre’s online store;
  • Have the Zebra Centre present to your class, community group, or office.

Thank you, Norm, for gifting us this opportunity to give back.

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