Bill 41- Insurance Amendment Act, 2020

bill 41

“Bill 41” was passed by the Alberta Government and made significant amendments to legislation that will affect personal injury matters. The Government plans to make additional changes to the insurance scheme in the future which will strip Albertans of their right to sue.

Countermeasures We Employ against unreasonable insurers

countermeasures we employ against unreasonable insurers

Throughout our years of experience at Assiff Law Office, we have seen insurers and in particular self -represented entities such as municipalities, who insure negligent municipal workers, use the following tactics to dissuade injured victims from pursuing an action altogether or to try and convince them to settle for far less than what their claim is actually worth.

The Family Protection Endorsement (SEF 44)

The Family Protection Endorsement (SEF 44)

The SEF 44 Endorsement provides you, as well as your dependent family members, with excess insurance to cover any damages sustained in a motor vehicle accident in excess of $200,000, up to your own policy limits. In effect, it provides you with coverage up to the maximum of your own policy limits, whatever that may be. If you have the exact same amount of coverage as the other person involved in a collision, the Family Protection Endorsement is not activated.

Time to Turn the Tide: A Case for Injured Plaintiffs

plaintiff with neck injury sitting with lawyer

Introduction: The measure of damages in tort is supposed to be one that places the injured plaintiff back in the position he or she would have been in, had the negligence not occurred.  This is certainly not the case in Alberta for victims of negligent or impaired drivers.  In fact, the best one can hope […]

When insurance companies act in bad faith: Punitive damages

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The duty of insurance companies should be one of UTMOST good faith or “uberrima fides”. In Alberta, insurance companies sometimes employ bad faith tactics in order to delay or avoid paying claimants for their insurance claims. There are a number of different practices that insurance companies may use in bad faith in order to try to deny valid insurance claims. If an insurance company has acted in bad faith, a claimant may sue the company.

Winter Tires: What you need to know

Winter tire

Winter tires are highly recommended for a safer winter driving experience. Due to their special make, winter tires offer increased flexibility at low temperatures, and up to 50% more traction than all-season tires. Findings from Traffic Injury Research Foundation show that snow tires reduce the braking distance by up to 25%, thus lowering the risks of […]

Watch out for the Insurance Adjuster

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he other party’s insurance company will often employ the use of an “insurance adjuster” in order get you to admit fault or part fault. Should they be successful, your claim might be denied or greatly reduced.