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Supporting children’s mental health with CASA

This Mental Health Awareness Month, it’s time to talk about the mental health issues young Canadians face. Before CASA (Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health), options were limited for northern Alberta families whose children struggled with mental health issues.

This Mental Health Awareness Month is the perfect time to support organizations helping young Canadians with mental health issues.

Before CASA (Child, Adolescent and Family Mental Health), options were limited for Northern Alberta families whose children struggled.

Things changed in 1988 when a group of parents and a team of psychiatrists banded together to ensure children could receive high-quality care in a community setting. CASA was born, and quickly expanded to meet the mental health needs of children and their families from Edmonton and across central and northern Alberta.

When Norm asked us which charity we wanted to support, my choice went to CASA, as most of us have had or know someone who has been through mental health issues. For instance, my oldest daughter has been struggling, and CASA provides a safe place for her to go and talk to someone. I can even say that it has saved her life. They don’t only check up on her, but I also get calls as well letting me know if there are things I need to watch for or take away and they also ask about me and if I need anything.  

You can help too!

CASA Foundation is the fundraising arm of CASA. The Foundation supports the ongoing development and delivery of programs and services provided by CASA and raises awareness about children’s mental health.​

You can check out upcoming CASA Foundation fundraisers on their events page, and donate here!

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