Khalid Asaf

Khalid Assaf

Barrister and Solicitor
Khalid Assaf

Our personal injury lawyers help people throughout the province of Alberta and are based in Edmonton.

About Khalid

Khalid, a dynamic and compassionate advocate for civil rights and social justice, was called to the Alberta Bar in 2020. His legal journey began at Bond University in Australia, where he earned his Bachelor of Laws (LLB) with Honours in 2018. During his time in Australia, Khalid was deeply involved with the Canadian Law Students Association, a testament to his enduring commitment to his roots and global legal perspectives.

Khalid is fluent in Arabic and brings a unique linguistic skill set to his practice, enhancing his ability to connect with a diverse clientele and engage with a broader range of legal matters. This linguistic proficiency broadens his cultural understanding and allows him to offer more inclusive legal services.

Despite the allure of Australia’s scenic coastlines, Khalid’s devotion to his community beckoned him back to Edmonton, the city where he grew up and the community he is passionate about serving. His legal practice is notably centred on safeguarding civil liberties and championing the cause of the underrepresented, reflecting his profound dedication to social equity and justice.

Khalid’s educational background is both diverse and impressive. Before law, he pursued studies in Engineering at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) and Sciences at MacEwan University. This multidisciplinary foundation enriches his approach to legal issues, allowing him to bring unique perspectives to his practice.

As a current member of the Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers Association (ACTLA) and the Law Society of Alberta, Khalid stays at the forefront of legal developments and advocacy. His involvement in these professional bodies underscores his commitment to continuous learning and legal excellence.

Outside the courtroom, Khalid is an avid explorer of both physical and intellectual landscapes. He has a voracious appetite for learning, often delving into the latest global advancements across various fields. His love for adventure extends to the great outdoors, where he enjoys immersing himself in nature and spending quality time with friends and family.

Khalid’s blend of legal expertise, dedication to community service, broad world view, and linguistic skills positions him as not just a lawyer, but a true advocate for his clients and his community.

Khalid's Credentials


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    Bond University
    Bachelor of Laws (with Honours) - LLB, 2018
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    NAIT (Northern Alberta Institute of Technology)
    Engineering, 2016
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    MacEwan University
    Sciences (B.Sc.), 2016
  • Professional Memberships

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    ACTLA Alberta Civil Trial Lawyer’s Association
    Current Member
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    Law Society of Alberta
    Current Member
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