Norm Assiff named as one 2020 Best Lawyers for Personal Injury Litigation

We are truly humbled and honoured about this recognition, as Best Lawyers remains the gold standard of reliability and integrity in lawyer ratings.

At Assiff Law, we are truly humbled and honoured about this recognition, as Best Lawyers remains the gold standard of reliability and integrity in lawyer ratings. 

Norm Assiff - 2020 Best Lawyers

Best Lawyers Award Badge

“Lawyer of the Year” awards are presented annually to a single outstanding lawyer in each practice area and designated metropolitan area.

Each year, Best Lawyers highlights the lawyer who has received the highest votes. It has employed the same transparent methodology for more than 30 years: recognition is based entirely on peer review, which means currently recognized lawyers provide feedback, based on the nominees’ work.

Unlike a paid listing, Best Lawyers employs a sophisticated and transparent survey process, designed to measure the quality of legal services. They believe that the quality of a peer-review survey is directly related to the quality of the voters.

Voting lawyers are asked the question: “If you were unable to take a case yourself, how likely would you be to refer it to this lawyer?” The voting scale is a numbered scale, as follows:

  • 5 stars: Would absolutely recommend
  • 4 stars: Would likely recommend
  • 3 stars: Would possibly recommend
  • 2 stars: Would most likely not recommend
  • 1 star: Would not recommend

Voters are able to add a ‘.5’ to their votes, and can also use the notation “Don’t Know” for lawyers whose work they are unfamiliar with. Ballots allow for voters to leave additional comments on nominees. Once results are collected and feedback is reviewed, candidates are confirmed to be in good standing with their local bar associations.
This methodology is designed to capture the consensus opinion of leading lawyers about the professional abilities of their colleagues within the same geographical area and legal practice area.

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